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Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 16:20

Are you fed up with being kicked around from script support to hosting support and back? Tired of having compatibility problems between your servers and your scripts? Well, we might just have a solution..


We are a company with 7 year experience in adult hosting, and we specialize in traffic trading sites - providing a complete solution - server, scripts, support - all in one place. Our software - TManager 7 is a state of the art product, being actively developed, and has something unique - it is both traffic trading and content management script, so there are less admin panels to access in your day to day work.


Take a look at Top 5 reasons to choose ThumbSiteHosting as your service provider:

  • Software As Service - you don't buy scripts, you have them for free! Not only that, but you will always be running the latest version and your server will be tuned to match its requirements, of course, without additional price!
  • 7 year experience in adult script development and hosting means stability and consistant improvement!
  • We are hosting anything between small sized, one server networks to huge multiple server, hundreds of domains networks - surely, we will find a solution for you!
  • You will interact directly with key decision makers - want a feature - we'll see to get it done!
  • Our solutions are fast, stable and secure, proven by track record on thousands of sites.


So, what are you waiting for? Check out TManager 7 impressive features, and see what special offers we have in store for you!


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